ATHENS Airport Assistance - Airport Meet & Greet

Redefining Airport Assistance Services, we at JODOGO aim to make your experience at the Athens International Airport (ATH) smooth, hassle-free and one worth remembering. Our team, expertized at giving you a notable and luxurious VIP-like experience from the moment you step into the airport until you reach the destination, takes care of all the travel formalities, be it international or domestic, while you can sit back and relax.

Athens International Airport, which prioritizes a seamless experience for all the passengers that arrive and depart from here, also promises a memorable time for anyone who has a long layover or transit included in their itinerary.

Book from a wide range of services we have to offer at JODOGO such as, Meet and Greet Services, Airport Lounges, Baggage Handling Services, Fast Track (Passport and Customs) Assistance Services, Priority Check-in, Airport Transfers to name a few.


Discover Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport, the largest international airport of Greece and serving the region of Attica, Athens, is the main hub for Aegean Airlines and other small Greek airlines. Having served over 337 million passengers in 2019 and 2020 collectively, makes AIA Greek’s top busiest airports.

AIA has two main terminals; the main terminal and the satellite terminal which is accessible by an underground link from the main terminal. The airport has the capacity to accommodate around 20 million passengers per year with a scope to expand to 50 million passengers in the coming years. The Main Terminal building handles all intra-Schengen flights (Hall A), as well as several non-Schengen flights (Hall B). It is equipped with 144 check-in desks and three separate levels: Arrivals, Departures and a food court level. The Satellite Terminal has two levels- one for arrivals and the other for departures. It is easily accessible through an underground link complete with moving walkways. The terminal is equipped with ten jet bridges and is capable of handling annual traffic of six million passengers.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, AIA has been taking steps to make the airport safer for their staff and passengers. In accordance with the guidelines of the national health authorities, the meticulous observance of rules for hand washing / sanitizing and for respiratory hygiene, the use of face masks, physical distance keeping, very good cleaning and sanitizing of spaces and surfaces, especially of those frequently hand touched, are the basis for the protection of passengers and employees at Athens International Airport.

Book your airport assistance services with JODOGO now to avail a smooth, hassle and worry-free experience at Athens Airport with our professional service.


Relax and Unwind

No matter what class you’re flying, you can head to an airport lounge and enjoy good food and drinks, hop on WiFi, and catch up on the news all in a quieter environment than the main terminal. There are several lounges that welcome any travellers regardless of airline or class of service – simply buy a pass online or use your membership in a lounge program to gain entry.


If you need assistance at the Athens International Airport, we at JODOGO are always ready to help. With our airport assist services, you can save time and explore instead of standing in queues and missing out on experiencing the activities Athens International Airport has to offer to its passengers. Enquire by contacting JODOGO directly at +1(325) 225 5550 or book the services you want through the request form, after which you will receive a confirmation call from our representatives as soon as possible.

Book special assistance services at Athens International Airport


Special Airport Assistance is for passengers who are differently abled or have reduced mobility and require a wheelchair to get around the airport. To get special assistance services at Athens International Airport, you can request on our request form for services such as wheelchair assistance, baggage handling, lounge access, priority check-in & check-out, flight monitoring, escort to aircraft among many others and our representative will get in touch with you for the same.

We at JODOGO provide a variety of airport assistance services of which include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services on Arrival/ Connection/ Departure flights
  2. Baggage Handling Services
  3. Special Assistance Services (Wheelchair handling)
  4. VIP Fast Track Assistance Services
  5. VIP Concierge Services
  6. Priority Check-in and Check-out
  7. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint
  8. Lounge Access Assistance Services

You can also enquire about more services offered by JODOGO at Athens Airport through our request form:


JODOGO fast track airport assistance service providers help travelers to enter priority lanes to skip the waiting queue during airport procedures. This scheme assists passengers to navigate the airport security process quickly, and get some time to relax before flying again.

Please note that fast track services at each airport vary depending on the specific rules of airports, airlines and countries.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the services listed are subject to change. Some services and facilities may remain closed or operate with reduced hours. Lounge access to some lounges may be restricted or remain closed until things settle down. The meticulous observance of rules for hand washing / sanitizing and for respiratory hygiene, the use of face masks, physical distance keeping, very good cleaning and sanitizing of spaces and surfaces, especially of those frequently hand touched, are the basis for the protection of passengers and employees at Athens International Airport.

Indulge Yourself

With a wide range of restaurants open for 24-hours, you can grab a bite no matter how late you’re landing in AIA. Some of the Greek options include Kir-Yanni Wine Bar which is quite popular for it’s dining experience, or check out some European cafes and sit-down restaurants.

Surf the Internet

Free Wi-Fi option in AIA is only available for a time period of 45 minutes, but it can be upgraded for more premium options for a reasonable cost. Free WiFi is also available for 15 minutes through one of the 22 internet kiosks located through the airport.

Get a Relaxing Massage

If you’re in need of some pampering, the spa inside the Sofitel hotel is open to non-guests. Services include facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, and more. Since the Sofitel is located outside the airport terminal, you’ll be required to exit and re-enter Security.

Shop Your Heart Out

Famous international brands, duty-free shops like the Hellenic Duty Free shop have all the standard necessities. There are also plenty of shops for cigars, jewellery, perfume, beauty products, and much more.

Explore Athens

If you’ve got a few hours, you can take advantage of the airport’s location to get out and about for some fresh air and local Greek culture. Getting to the downtown using a subway is recommended since the taxi fares are expensive for tourists.

  1. Visit the Syntagma Square
    This famous square of Greece is a very busy and lively place in Athens. It is best to take a relaxing walk along the Parliament Building in the immediate vicinity or spend some time near the artesian fountain.
  2. Visit Ermou Street
    To get to the heart of shopping in Athens, Ermou Street is the place. Luxury brands, chic cafes, and cool terraces are all lined up on the vibrant Ermou Street. This street is also popular for the mesmerising architecture of the buildings.
  3. Visit the Ruins of Acropolis
    Many people confuse the Acropolis with the ruins, but the Acropolis is just the name of the citadel, the fortified chine. The Parthenon is the most admired building on the Acropolis. It was built as a temple for goddess Athena, became a church and later, a mosque. For the historic lover in you, this is the best layover stop to experience.


AIA, being the busiest and largest airport of Greece has a variety of services to offer its passengers. Some of them apart from the ones already mentioned above include Currency Exchange centres, Pharmacies, Emergency Medical Assistance Services, Smoking Areas, Lost and Found, Baggage storage centres, Tourist and Airport Information Desks, Children’s Play Areas, Airport Hotels, Charging units, ATMs, among many others are spread throughout the two terminals of the airport.

Athens also has an Airport App to help passengers navigate through the airport easily without any worry and stress, although the information desks are there to cater to any information you may need.

Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by us at JODOGO will include a representative who will welcome you with a name board (a bouquet of flowers on request) and help you with everything from luggage handling, lounge access, etc.

Get a dose of History

For many travellers, Greece is synonymous with history. The Main Terminal features permanent exhibitions from the Acropolis Museum in town. There’s also the Exhibition of Archaeological Findings and the Eleftherios Venizelos Permanent Exhibition is dedicated to Greek aviation history. This is a must visit for all Greek History fanatics.