SYDNEY Airport Assistance - Airport Meet & Greet

Welcome to JODOGO

JODOGO redefines the experience of your airport assistance services at the Sydney International Airport located in in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia. By providing an uncomplicated process for your traveling, JODOGO's caliber lies in providing you with an outstanding and luxurious VIP-like experience.

Our highest priority is you

As soon as you arrive at your destination, we handle all formalities, we take care of everything we promise. Whether it's international or domestic, JODOGO has you covered.

Why the 1st busiest airport in Australia and JODOGO make for the perfect combination:

At the Sydney International Airport, various social activities are offered during your layover or transit to suit everybody's preferences.

JODOGO also offers a wide range of services according to your want and need

  1. Meet and Greet Services,
  2. Airport Lounges,
  3. Baggage Handling Services,
  4. Fast Track (Passport and Customs) Assistance Services,
  5. Priority Check-in
  6. VIP meet and greet services

How to Spend Your Layover:

  1. Have a leisure meal at one of the finer casual dining restaurants at SYD.
  2. Grab a drink at the bars or coffee at the cafes.
  3. Go shopping for clothing, watches, or souvenirs.
  4. There are hotels nearby where one can catch up on sleep for travelers who have to check out within five hours or more.

Airport facilities

Car parking Facility:

Domestic parking, International parking, Valet parking, Accessible parking, Business parking, and Motorcycle parking are the various types of parking offered by the Sydney airport.

Conference and business:

With a range of services such as office equipment, work areas, Wi-Fi, and much more, Sydney Airport offers business and conference facilities. The facilities are for up to 1,000 guests. These facilities are located at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 buildings and operated by Sydney Airport Executive Services. Further business facilities are available at Sydney Airport.

JODOGO treats your experience with hospitality:

Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by JODOGO will include a representative who welcomes our guests with a name board (a bouquet on request) and help you with all airport formalities without hassle.

SYD experience:

The Sydney Airport has 20+airport cafés, restaurants, snack bars, and fast-food outlets. Most of them are located in a secure area.

Wheelchair Facility

Wheelchairs are available upon request from your airline. You must inform them of any requirements at the time of booking and at least 48 hours before arriving at the airport.

Luckily, Sydney Airport is completely accessible to those with disabilities. There are ramps, smooth access for wheelchairs, lowered telephones, toilets, and disabled parking spaces available. For further information contact the information desks available at the airport for guidance.

Wi-Fi Availability:

Free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the terminal and charging stations can be accessed once you fill in the information/details given on the screen.

Information Services

SYD has two Airport Services Centres desks near the medical center and the Domestic terminal after security. Customer service volunteers are available throughout the airport.


ATMs are available as they are located at the terminal, including International Departures.

Baby Facilities

Kid's Play areas and Baby change rooms are present and available at the airport.


Luggage storage lockers are available at the airport. The luggage service costs a separate fee as well.

Dine and Shop:

The airport is located with a large number of restaurants and shops.

In bar and cafe variety one would find:

  1. Azucar Cafe
  2. Bar Roma
  3. BBQ Chicken
  4. Beer Deluxe
  5. Bear and the Beard
  6. Coopers Alehouse
  7. Hudsons Coffee
  8. Peroni Bar and many more

Under casual dining options you have:

  1. MoVida
  2. Roll'd
  3. Taste of Thai
  4. YO! Sushi
  5. Pete's Pies
  6. Chicken Confidential
  7. Beqaa and many more

And last but not least- Quick eats

  1. Mad Mex
  2. National Pies
  3. Oliver Brown
  4. Red Rooster
  5. SumoSalad and SumoSalad Green Label
  6. Toby's Estate
  7. Wok on Air and more

Disclaimer: Make sure to check out which casual dining, cafe, or quick eat area is open for service before heading, as sometimes it remaining closed for services is possible.

Within the shopping range- The variety would range from travel essentials to fashion and accessories.

To start with- Travel essentials:

  1. Lego/Kaboom
  2. Rolling Luggage
  3. Amcal Pharmacy
  4. NewsLink and more


  1. Think Sydney
  2. Merino Collection
  3. A Little Something
  4. Australian way

Fashion and Accessories:

  1. MECCA
  2. Peter Alexander
  3. Seed Kids
  4. Sunglass Hut
  5. Victoria's Secret
  6. Witchery
  7. Rolex
  8. AMUSE Beauty Studio and many more

They also have a Duty-Free Shop.


  1. In need of assistance at the Sydney Airport, we at JODOGO are always ready to help. With the help of JODOGO's airport assist services, you can save time and explore. With the help of JODOGO, you gain a smoother experience of the activities at Sydney Airport by not having to wait in long queues.
  2. You can request JODOGO's services over the phone or via Whatsapp if you are interested in connecting - call us directly at +1(325) 225 5550 or fill out the online form, we will call you shortly to confirm your booking.
  3. Book special assistance services at SYD: https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create
  1. JODOGO offers special assistance for wheelchair requirements. To avail of the wheelchair assistance please make a request when you book our services at JODOGO.
  2. Book our services through the request form (https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create). Airport Wheelchair Assistance at SYD can also be requested through the Booking Office where the booking was made.

We at JODOGO provide a variety of airport assistance services which include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services on Arrival/ Connection/ Departure flights
  2. Baggage Handling Services
  3. Special Assistance Services (Wheelchair handling)
  4. Lounge Access Assistance Services
  5. VIP Fast Track Assistance Services
  6. VIP Concierge Services
  7. Priority Check-in and Check-out
  8. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint

You can also enquire about more services offered by JODOGO at SYD through our request form: https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create

  1. Our Meet and Greet services include a representative who will meet you at the decided meeting point within the airport terminal building or any other specified point. As assigned with a name card and a bouquet (if requested) the representative will guide you to the required gate for departures/ transfers.
  2. Note: Meeting points may vary depending on the airport specifications.
  1. Body temperature and mask importance are given at every point of entry to the terminal building by JODOGO. Social distancing markers are also in place to help guide airport guests.
  2. Anti-microbial sneeze guards at service counters and hand sanitizers are installed throughout the terminal for airport guests' safety.
  3. Various methods such as dry-mist fumigation with a water-based chemical that kills 99% of microorganisms, Blu-ray anion nanospray gun, and micro-mist blower form a thin layer of coating that protects the surfaces. These are the methods used to clean the airport terminals for airport guests' safety.
  4. The above measures are increased based on having on-ground safety compliance officers patrolling the terminals and safety messages- on digital screens to remind airport guests to continue practicing safe measures. Airport CARE Ambassadors are also available to assist passengers.

SYD Lost and Found Facility:

When you lose an item in SYD, the department you need to contact will depend on where you lost the item:

  1. The lost property office is open from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays and is located on level three of the Terminal 1 International terminal.
  2. If someone has lost something at Terminal 2, please submit an inquiry using the lost property form below.
  3. If the lost item was not found at any of the terminals- it may be found on the aircraft or public transport. Lost property services at both Terminal 1 and 2 are provided free of cost.

Note: Sydney Airport will not work with any third-party lost property services.

Airport Lounges for relaxation:

The Sydney Airport does provide airport lounge facilities when one purchases a day pass/annual membership. You can also pay at the door.

Note: This is for economy class travelers. Other travelers would vary if they have a premium version of their ticket.

Public Transportation and other options

Taxi Services': Designated taxi ranks are where taxis can pick up passengers. Every terminal has a designated rank and supervisors help those passengers in need with special assistance such as ordering a taxi for those with wheelchair access, disability issue or baby capsule reasons, and more. Rideshare and Uber are also available.

Sydney Airport Parking: You can park at Sydney Domestic Terminals 2 and Terminal 3 in the multi-story car parks also known as P1 and P2 which is a 5-minute walk. There is a variety of other options for parking as well that Sydney Airport Parking provides as well. A free shuttle bus from the car park to the airport is available as well.

Besides these public transportation services- there are train, door-to-door transfer, bus, and rental car services as well that travelers can opt for.

Note: It is advised to pre-book taxi services if possible for a smoother and better experience.