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In Frankfurt, JODOGO Airport Assistance Services simplifies your airline experience at Frankfurt airport by providing smooth and time saving passage throughout the airport. Our knowledgeable team strives to give you a true VIP experience 24/7 by managing all your travel details so that you can just relax and enjoy your visit.

Frankfurt airport (FRA) offers a lot of facilities to keep yourself busy while in transit.

JODOGO offers tailor-made airport solutions such as airport meet and greet services, fast track vip airport assistance, VIP concierge services, airport special assistance, airport assistance services and many other services.



Frankfurt am Main Airport is a major international airport serving the city of Frankfurt in Germany, and is located 12 km southwest of the city centre. The airport has 2 large main passenger terminals (1 and 2) and a much smaller dedicated First class terminal. Passengers and visitors can change terminals with the people mover system SkyLine shuttle bus. Additionally, there is regular bus service between the terminals.

They also provide several facilities for the Differently abled, which are fully accessible for passengers with disability or passengers with special needs. Designated parking, wheel chairs, lifts, toilets and easy access to lounge are available.

The Meet and greet service offers extreme care at JODOGO. The well trained staff will guide you and your special ones on arrival, departure & transit services and luggage assistance, passport control. The airport service will be customized to your individual specification.


No matter the length of your stay, adventure awaits on the doorstep of Frankfurt Airport.

Indulge Yourself

There is a wide selection of restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes and bars offering international cuisine.

Unwind in a Lounge

Enjoy good food, watch TV, catch up on your news in a quieter and comfortable environment. There are a number of lounges available in all terminals.


They offer an endless shopping experience offering a wide range of shops showcasing international brands.


Frankfurt airport has several salons, spas and a dedicated Yoga room located at various terminals.

Stay Connected

Frankfurt airport provides free Wi-Fi and several mobile charging points.

JODOGO airport service is extremely helpful to parents who are coming along with their kids, disabled & senior citizens. Our representative assists you in airport meet & greet services, special assistance at airport, VIP concierge services, safety assist & medical emergency support as well.


There is a wide variety of transit hotels conveniently located near Frankfurt airport.Lounge style seats are also available in the rest zones.


There are a number of ATM’s and Currency exchange centres available throughout the airport.

You may also avail services at a Smoking lounge.

There are also several Prayer rooms, Pharmacies, 24-hour medical centres, Dry cleaning & laundry, Baby care rooms, Children’s play area and Shower facility available for your use.

One stop shop for the comprehensive range of airport services including security, special needs(medical services & wheelchair assist depend upon passenger request), flight monitoring, fast track VIP airport assistance, lounge access & escort to airport. Book our special services cater to their customer needs.

Explore Frankfurt

If you have a transit visa, you may explore Frankfurt.

  1. Enjoy the nice views of the airport traffic and its surroundings in the Visitor Terrace.
  2. The airport offers a 45-minute Airport Experience Tour which uniquely acquaints you with life at Frankfurt airport.
  3. Terminal 1 has a Casino where you may play Roulette, Black Jack or the slot machines. There are also BigCash Club, Internet terminals, Gaming world, Movie world, Computer games and more in terminal 1. The airport also has a lunchtime Concert Program on scheduled dates.
  4. Terminal 2 has a Coupon Wall, where you can find deals and discounts on food and shopping at the airport.
  5. Visit the old town, Romerberg, the most original and historic area of the city, at a distance of 14 km from the airport.
  6. Have a walk across the Iron Bridge or Eiserner Steg, the pedestrian bridge which is a popular “love lock” bridge, at a distance of 14 km from the airport. You may also enjoy a stroll along the Main River and enjoy the stunning skyline of Frankfurt.
  7. Request special airport assistance services at JODOGO. Simple process of application. Our greeter help you on stress-free departure & arrival services, VIP concierge services, VIP airport assistance & meet and greet services. One-to-one assistance.


There are various services available at Frankfurt international airport and these include -

  1. Airport meet & greet services
  2. Fast track VIP airport assistance
  3. VIP concierge services
  4. Airport special assistance
  5. Airport assistance for disabled
  6. Airport assistance for first-time flyers
  7. Assisting passengers with disabilities
  8. Flight assistance for elderly passengers
  9. Luggage assistance at the airport
  10. Airport medical services
  11. Airport chauffeur service
  12. Arrival & departure services and more airport-related assistance

Frankfurt international airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and handling all the checkout & check-in hassles in the airport are much more difficult as well. So, booking JODOGO's Special airport assistance services at Frankfurt airport will ensure passing through the airport in the most fastest and easiest way.

Also, If you need extra special assistance during security searches at Frankfurt international airport, our special airport assistance desks can provide identification (lanyards, badges, etc.) to people with hidden disabilities.

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Meet and greet services offer the most luxurious and hassle-free airport arrival, departure, Or flight connections. This means that someone will be there to meet you when you arrive at the destination airport.

Here is where, your Meet & assist services at Frankfurt international airport will take care of getting you through customs quickly by monitoring and keeping track of your name, flight numbers, and arrival gate numbers, and will also sort your baggage claim, and take you on to your accommodation.

JODOGO VIP fast track airport assistance provides a complete range of VIP services, meet and assist, fast track immigration, personal assistance, arrival meet and greet services, buggy transfer, lounge access, porter service, and many more at Frankfurt airport.

Not only this, but Fast track airport services also enable you to pass through airport security and bypasses the normal queues by stepping into the VIP Fast Track lane instead.

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Whether you are a high-profile executive, an infrequent traveler, a famed entertainer, or simply want to enjoy hassle-free air travels, VIP concierge services will ensure that your travel experience is effortless and smooth as much as possible.

With our chauffeured Royal VIP concierge services at Frankfurt international airport, we ensure that you have a pleasant journey to/from the airport.

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