MELBOURNE Airport Assistance - Airport Meet & Greet

Welcome to JODOGO

JODOGO redefines the experience of your airport assistance services at the Melbourne Airport located in Victoria, Australia. By providing an uncomplicated process for your traveling, JODOGO's caliber lies in providing you with an outstanding and luxurious VIP-like experience.

Our highest priority is you

As soon as you arrive at your destination, we handle all formalities, we take care of everything we promise. Whether it's international or domestic, JODOGO has you covered.

Why the 2nd busiest airport in Australia and JODOGO make for a perfect combination:

At the Melbourne Airport, various social activities are offered during your layover or transit to suit everybody's preferences.

JODOGO also offers a wide range of services according to your want and need

  1. Meet and Greet Services,
  2. Airport Lounges,
  3. Baggage Handling Services,
  4. Fast Track (Passport and Customs) Assistance Services,
  5. Priority Check-in
  6. VIP meet and greet services

How to Spend Your Layover:

  1. Have a leisure meal at one of the finer restaurants at Melbourne Airport.
  2. Go shopping for clothing, jewelry, or devices.
  3. There are museums and local breweries nearby to check out as well for those with more than five hours.

Airport facilities

Car parking Facility:

Terminal, Business, or Valet, are the choices one gets to choose from. Terminal being the most economical price offered and Valet being the most expensive.

Conference and business:

Melbourne's terminal consists of a wide range of 8 lounges. The access to these lounges is for business class passengers and holds a wide range of amenities to suffice your needs.

JODOGO treats your experience with hospitality:

Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by JODOGO will include a representative who welcomes our guests with a name board (a bouquet on request) and help you with all airport formalities without hassle.

Melbourne Airport experience:

Melbourne's Airport has 35 and above restaurants and grab-and-go food outlets options. Most of them are located within a secure area, a few cafe options are available as well. The fine dining experience is also available with award-winning restaurants, bars, and gourmet marketplaces.

Wheelchair Facility

Wheelchair assistance is provided if required between terminals when requested before notification. The terminals are equipped with a good amount of travelators as well for smoother assistance.

Wi-Fi Availability:

Availability of Wi-fi is present across most terminals with complete access. No matter which terminal you are in, one can access it easily. Apart from these some additional facilities provided by the airport include

  1. charging Stations(Mobile)
  2. pets
  3. pharmacies and retail
  4. postal services
  5. printing and faxing
  6. public transport
  7. shower assistance
  8. smoking policy
  9. and telephone services.


The Airport Chaplains provide compassionate, caring, and practical support to all passengers and staff.


ATM facilities are available at International Arrivals and Ground Level.

Adult Change Areas

The Adult Change areas are equipped with a ceiling hoist and a changing table.

Baby Change Facilities

Baby change facilities are located throughout each of the airport terminals.

Luggage services

Luggage services are available at Melbourne International Airport at various price ranges depending on the type of locker opted for among small, medium, large and extra-large options.

Dine and Shop:

The airport consists of a large number of restaurants and shops.

Here are some of Terminal 1's restaurants, cafes, and more

  1. Oporto
  2. Crown Lager Bar
  3. Pendulum
  4. Grinders Coffee Roasters
  5. Krispy Kreme
  6. Billie Chu
  7. Two brews
  8. Pasta Pomodoro

Here are some from Terminal 2 as well with its restaurants and coffee options with plenty more to serve:

  1. McDonald's
  2. Cafe Sol
  3. Hungry Jack's
  4. Bar Pulpo by MoVida
  5. Subway
  6. BAXA Noodle Bar
  7. Red Rock Airport Services Pty Ltd
  8. Hudsons Coffee
  9. Grill'd Melbourne Airport
  10. Think Asia

And last, but not least Terminal 3 and 4 have a combination of their restaurants, bars, cafes, salad bars, and dessert and bakery variety's as well.

  1. Stomping Ground Brewery
  2. Muffin Break
  3. Krispy Kreme
  4. Salsas Fresh Mex
  5. Sushi Sushi
  6. AFL Kitchen & Bar
  7. Proud Mary Coffee
  8. Chop Salads
  9. Velocity Espresso & Bar
  10. Hanna's Cafe
  11. Brasserie Bread
  12. Brunetti Classico

When it comes to the shopping variety. 11 high-end stores at your service. Yes, you read that right- from Tiffany & Co to Bally, there's no lacking fashion and posh here as it owns the luxury precinct tag. Michael Kors, Givenchy, and Chanel are some of the brands one can find here.

Massage chairs

The massage chairs are available for a price of $2 and can be used for 5 minutes.

Medical assistance

Melbourne gives a proud medical team to offer the best standard of healthcare by performing its best practices as well.


There is good availability of luxury hotels with easy access.


  1. In need of assistance at the Melbourne Airport, we at JODOGO are always ready to help. With the help of JODOGO's airport assist services, you can save time and explore. With the help of JODOGO, you gain a smoother experience of the activities at Melbourne Airport by not having to wait in long queues.
  2. You can request JODOGO's services over the phone or via Whatsapp if you are interested in connecting - call us directly at +1(325) 225 5550 or fill out the online form, we will call you shortly to confirm your booking.
  3. Book special assistance services at Melbourne Airport : https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create
  1. JODOGO offers special assistance for wheelchair requirements. To avail of the wheelchair assistance please make a request when you book our services at JODOGO.
  2. Book our services through the request form (https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create). Airport Wheelchair Assistance at Melbourne Airport can also be requested through the Booking Office where the booking was made.

We at JODOGO provide a variety of airport assistance services which include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services on Arrival/ Connection/ Departure flights
  2. Baggage Handling Services
  3. Special Assistance Services (Wheelchair handling)
  4. Lounge Access Assistance Services
  5. VIP Fast Track Assistance Services
  6. VIP Concierge Services
  7. Priority Check-in and Check-out
  8. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint

You can also enquire about more services offered by JODOGO at Melbourne Airport through our request form: https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create

  1. Our Meet and Greet services include a representative who will meet you at the decided meeting point within the airport terminal building or any other specified point. As assigned with a name card and a bouquet (if requested) the representative will guide you to the required gate for departures/ transfers.
  2. Note: Meeting points may vary depending on the airport specifications.
  1. Body temperature and mask importance are given at every point of entry to the terminal building by JODOGO. Social distancing markers are also in place to help guide airport guests.
  2. Anti-microbial sneeze guards at service counters and hand sanitizers are installed throughout the terminal for airport guests' safety.
  3. Various methods such as dry-mist fumigation with a water-based chemical that kills 99% of microorganisms, Blu-ray anion nanospray gun, and micro-mist blower form a thin layer of coating that protects the surfaces. These are the methods used to clean the airport terminals for airport guests' safety.
  4. The above measures are increased based on having on-ground safety compliance officers patrolling the terminals and safety messages- on digital screens to remind airport guests to continue practicing safe measures. Airport CARE Ambassadors are also available to assist passengers.

Melbourne Airport Lost and Found Facility:

There is a lost property desk available next to the carousel 2 on the ground floor before the security of Terminal 1.

Airport Lounges for relaxation:

The Melbourne Airport has award-winning lounges that have open access made available. You can either book ahead of pay that day when traveling. All lounges are designed for business and pleasure purposes mutually, hence sufficing both needs.

Children's Play Area

Located in Melbourne Airport's Terminal 2, it's located at Gate 11 in the food and beverage precinct.

Disabled access

Melbourne Airport provides access to disabled passengers in several locations around the airport, including terminals, car parks, and pick-up/drop-off zones.