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In Chennai, JODOGO Airport Assistance Services simplifies your airline experience at Chennai International airport by providing smooth and time saving passage throughout the airport. Our knowledgeable team strives to give you a true VIP experience 24/7 by managing all your travel details so that you can just relax and enjoy your visit.

Chennai International airport (MAA) offers a lot of facilities to keep yourself busy while in transit.

JODOGO airport meet and greet services have assisted many travelers in airport assistance services, VIP concierge services, Fast track vip airport assistance & airport special assistance services.



The airport is located in Meenambakkam, 21 km from Chennai city, Tamil Nadu, India. Chennai airport has 4 passenger terminals, Terminal 1 is used as domestic terminal, Terminal 2 is used mainly for cargo while Terminals 3 & 4 are used as international terminals. Transfer between terminals can be done by a link building or by golf carts.

They also provide several facilities for the Differently abled, which are fully accessible for passengers with disability or passengers with special needs. Designated parking, wheel chairs, lifts, toilets and easy access to lounge are available. Braille symbols and auditory signals are provided in the lifts for visually impaired.

Contact JODOGO airport assistance service provider immediately and we’ll be delighted to assist in making your air travel visit an unforgettable one. Uncompromised care & hassle free traveling.


No matter the length of your stay, adventure awaits on the doorstep of Chennai International Airport.

Our JODOGO airport meet and greet services are designed to make you have delightful airport experience. Right from the time you reach the airport until you set off to your landing place. We make sure that your requirements are met with extra care.

Indulge Yourself

There is a wide selection of restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes offering international cuisine.

Unwind in a Lounge

Enjoy good food, watch TV, catch up on your news in a quieter and comfortable environment. There are a number of lounges available in all terminals.


They offer an endless shopping experience offering a wide range of shops showcasing international brands.

Stay Connected

Chennai International airport provides free Wi-Fi, free computer kiosks and several mobile charging points.


There are a number of ATM’s and Currency exchange centres available throughout the airport.

You may also relax at a spa or avail services at a Smoking lounge.

There are also several Prayer rooms, Pharmacies, 24-hour medical centres, Post offices, Storage and locker facilities, Baby care rooms and Shower facilities available for your use.


Chennai airport offers retiring rooms for rent to enjoy a refreshing sleep.

Highly personalized airport special assistance services guide you through arrival & departure formalities. Specialized in family services, VIP concierge services & Fast track vip airport assistance. Passenger 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

Explore Chennai

If you have a transit visa, you may explore Chennai.

  1. Visit the St. Thomas Mount National Shrine which holds both religious and historical significance; at a distance of 7.7 km.
  2. The Gandhi Mandapam offers a stunning temple style architecture of monuments situated inside lush gardens for your relaxation; at a distance of 10.6 km.
  3. Enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views at the famed Marina Beach, at a distance of 18.6 km.
  4. JODOGO delivers world class airport meet & greet services. Best airport fast track services, 24/7 availability & absolute confidentiality.

Chennai International Airport meet and greet

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  4. VIP concierge services.
  5. Airport special assistance.
  6. Airport chauffeur service.
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  5. Comfortable Transfer Services.
  6. Lounge Access.


What services do JODOGO Chennai airport assistant provide?

JODOGO airport assistance services at Chennai airport is pleased to serve you with the following services:

  1. Meet and Assist services on Arrival flights
  2. Meet and Assist services on connection flights
  3. Meet and Assist services on departure flights
  4. Special assistance services - Handle wheelchair assistance
  5. VIP fast track airport assistance
  6. VIP concierge services
  7. Facilitates airport check-in and check-out
  8. Carry on board luggage
  9. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint, and more.

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Special assistance services at Chennai airport(MAA) offer special assistance to elder people, physically challenged, disabled Or sick air travelers, who are unable to go through all the check-in formalities in the Chennai airport.

With JODOGO's Special assistance services at Chennai airport, we ensure you do not have to wait in long queues, feel lost at the MAA international airport, or lose out on special services that you can avail to suit your requirements.

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Meet and greet services at Chennai airport are designed to offer you peace of mind during the long or short air travel, by knowing that you, your friends, or family are in safe hands with our experienced, friendly, and multilingual Meet & Greet team.

We engaged in providing high-class VIP, meet & greet, fast track, transit support, baggage assistance, access to airport lounges, etc. for arrivals, departures, transits, transfers & ground handling services.

As Chennai is the fourth busiest city in India, going through all the airport formalities is a hectic process. Here comes JODOGO's VIP airport services at Chennai airport to help you have a smooth and worry-free airport arrival experience. As soon as your plane lands, you will be met by one of our courteous VIP fast track airport assistance agents at your gate. He/she will then drive you in a private vehicle to passport control.

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Whether you are an infrequent traveler, a high-profile executive, famed entertainer, celebrity, or simply want to enjoy hassle-free first-class air travels, VIP concierge services will ensure that your travel experience is effortless and smooth as much as possible.

JODOGO's VIP concierge services at Chennai airport specializes in letting you get in and out of the airport in minutes and offer any sort of assistance at the airport. We take care of all the customs, security checks, and airport check-in without letting you wait for a while.