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In Tokyo, JODOGO Airport Assistance Services simplifies your airline experience at Haneda airport by providing smooth and time saving passage throughout the airport. Our knowledgeable team strives to give you a true VIP experience 24/7 by managing all your travel details so that you can just relax and enjoy your visit.

Tokyo International Airport (HND) also known as Tokyo Haneda airport offers a lot of facilities to keep yourself busy while in transit.



Known as the World's Cleanest and Best Domestic Airport, Haneda airport is located in Ōta, Tokyo, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) south of Tokyo Station. The airport is spread across three terminals: domestic Terminals 1 and 2 and the International Terminal. Terminals 1 and 2 are connected by an underground walkway. Free shuttle buses run every 4 minutes between the International Terminal and the two domestic terminals.

They also provide several facilities for the Differently abled, which are fully accessible for passengers with disability or passengers with special needs. Designated parking, wheel chairs, lifts, toilets and easy access to lounge are available. There are phones conveniently located in each terminal to accommodate the hearing impaired.


No matter the length of your stay, adventure awaits on the doorstep of Haneda Airport.

Indulge Yourself

Eating is a great way to spend time at Haneda airport. In the International terminal, you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and to-go kiosks on the 4th Floor’s Edo Market, including plenty of Japanese cuisines like ramen, sushi, and soba. You can also find Italian, European, and other international cuisines. In Terminals 1 and 2, there are several options to choose ranging from high-end restaurants to quick options like Starbucks and Subway.

Unwind in a Lounge

Enjoy good food, watch TV, catch up on your news in a quieter and comfortable environment. There are a number of lounges available in all terminals accessible by paying an amount.

Stay Connected

Haneda airport provides free Wi-Fi, free computer kiosks and several mobile charging points.


They offer an endless shopping experience offering a wide range of shops showcasing a range of boutiques, local clothing brands, bookstores, handmade art shops, and airport standards like Duty Free areas, convenience shops, and technology stores. Hello Kitty Japan and the KIRI Japan shops are especially popular.


There are two hotels directly at the airport: a traditional hotel connected to the international terminal and a budget capsule hotel, located in Terminal 1, which accommodates one person per room (bathrooms are shared). Both options offer day rooms or refresh rooms. Otherwise, two hotel are located within a few minutes’ drive of the airport.


There are a number of ATM’s and Currency exchange centres available throughout the airport. There are also several Prayer rooms, Spas, Smoking areas, Pharmacies, 24-hour medical centres and Baby care rooms available for your use. Haneda airport also provides shoe shine and repair shop, laundry services, and dry cleaning.

Explore Tokyo

If you have a transit visa and a 6 hour layover, you may explore Tokyo. You may check your hand luggage at the storage areas in all three terminals. The quickest way to explore the city is by train.

The Tokyo Monorail stops at Terminals 1 and 2 and the International Terminal, connecting to the Hamamatsucho Station.

The Keikyu train line stops at a shared station between Terminals 1 and 2, plus another station at the International Terminal, which will have you at Shinagawa Station in under 15 minutes.

  1. Terminal 1’s Juveniland Tokyo,is a fun gallery that displays vintage toys and nostalgia, offering some up for kids to play with.
  2. Terminal 2, has the Discovery Museum, which is a mix of art exhibits and a history of Japan.
  3. If you arrive early you can head to the biggest Fruit and Vegetable market in Japan which starts at 7am. The market has a visitors center and a fishery exhibit along with plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest of ingredients. The market opens at 5am until 3pm and is closed on Sundays and national holidays. You can take the monorail to Ryutsu Center Station, catch a bus (9 minutes) from the front of the Ryutsu Center to Ota Shijo Building.
  4. Heiwajima Onsen provides natural hot spring, which is open 24 hours a day. There are a wide range of traditional baths and the facility is modern, with hot stone saunas, carbonate baths, and more—all using the natural spring water. But, the shuttle bus must be reserved 12 hours in advance to use the spa. There are two options: overnight use allows the customer to stay until 2pm the following day and breakfast is included. (There are free shuttle buses back to the airport as well.) The second option is the Flight Course where you can arrive at 6pm and be taken to the airport during the night.
  5. Asakusa‘s Sensoji is a direct train ride away taking only 26 minutes
  6. Shinjuku is only 40 minutes away and has great parks for cherry blossom and the best free view of Tokyo
  7. Shibuya is 40 minutes away with the famous crossing, plenty of food and great shopping
  8. Tsukiji Fish Market is 40 minutes away (with a few transfers)—great for an early morning
  9. Harajuku is 40 minutes and you can see the famous shopping street as well as Meiji Jingu

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