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Sheremetyevo International Airport, the busiest airport in Russia is recognised as the “World Leader in Punctuality” in 2019 and is one of the first airports of Russia to receive 5 Skytrax stars. You can rest assured, have the best experience during your layover or transit here.

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Discover Sheremetyevo International Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of four international airports that serve the city of Moscow. It is the busiest airport in Russia, as well as the second-busiest airport in Europe. Originally built as a military airbase, Sheremetyevo was converted into a civilian airport in 1959. The airport was originally named after a nearby village, and a 2019 contest extended the name to include the name of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

The airport comprises six terminals: four international terminals (one under construction), one domestic terminal, and one private aviation terminal. It is located 29 km (18 mi) northwest of central Moscow, in the city of Khimki, Moscow Oblast.

In 2017, the airport handled about 40.1 million passengers and 308,090 aircraft movements. During 2018, the airport reported a 14.3% increase in passengers for a total of 45.8 million. There was also a 15.9% increase in aircraft traffic year over year. Sheremetyevo serves as the main hub for Russian flag carrier Aeroflot and its branch Rossiya Airlines, Nordwind Airlines and its branch Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, and Ural Airlines.

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The airport was originally built as a military airfield called Sheremetyevsky, named after a village of the same name, as well as the Savelov station on the railway of the same name. The decree for the construction of the Central Airdrome of the Air Force near the settlement of Chashnikovo on the outskirts of Moscow was issued on 1 September 1953 by the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. The airport became operational on 7 November 1957 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution.

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Sit back and relax, grab a bite to eat or catch up on last minute work at Business Lounges

  1. The Rublev Lounge, Terminal B, 3 floor, domestic departures
  2. The Kandinsky Lounge, Terminal B, 2 floor, domestic departures
  3. The Malevich Lounge, Terminal C, 4 floor, International departures
  4. The Mastercard Lounge, Terminal C, 3 floor, international departures

Shops and Stores

There is a wide range of stores at Sheremetyevo International Airport

  1. Clothing : Beryozka, Bosco, Falke, Putin team.
  2. Jewelry: Amber and Jewelry, Aviator, Elizaveta, Valery Jewelry Shop.
  3. Mobile Services: Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Portal 2.0, Sim sim, Tele 2.
  4. Cosmetics and Fragrance: Montale Paris, Zielinski & Rozen.


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In accordance with the regulations of the government of Moscow, only people traveling with appropriate masks and gloves will be allowed to enter Sheremetyevo Airport‘s terminals, and the body temperatures of all individuals entering the terminals will be measured. Masks, gloves and antiseptics are available for sale in pharmacies and vending machines.

Frequency of disinfection and wet cleaning of contact surfaces and high traffic spots have been increased, and automatic non-contact hand sanitisers have been installed.

In places of possible passenger congestion, bright floor markings have been applied in order to help people maintain adequate social distance.

Food and beverages

During the time Layover at Sheremetyevo International Airport there are many options of food and beverages.

  1. Cafes: BooBo, Bud Burgers, Cafe bar, Coffeehouse, Free Flow, Hao/hao, Hleb&Sol, Khleb&Sol La Corte, Le Crobag, Mercedes-Benz Cafe, Pelmen Lab, Pelmeni, Raduga vkusa, Ritazza.
  2. Bar: AmBar, Beluga Caviar Bar, Forshtadt Altai, Foster’s Bar, GO!Cafe,Guinness Pub&Kitchen, Krušovice, Moët & Chandon, Shannon's Irish Bar, Sibirskaya Korona, Spaten Haus, Sport bar.
  3. Restaurants: Avocado Queen, Coffeemania, IL Patio, Kolbasny Tsekh, Magadan, Mama Russia Mu-Mu, Phố Phở, Spaten, T.G.I Friday's.

Explore Moscow

  1. Moscow Kremlin
    An imposing red-brick fortress stretching along the banks of the Moskva River, the Moscow Kremlin is the grand centerpiece of Moscow and one of Russia’s most recognizable landmarks.
  2. Bolshoi Theater
    An architectural landmark and one of Russia’s most prestigious venues, the Bolshoi Theater is home to the world-famous Bolshoi ballet and opera companies. With a legacy dating back to the late 18th century, the theater hosts regular performances of classics such as Laraviata *Carmen,Swan Lake, andThe Nutcracker*.
  3. Lenin's Mausoleum
    Lenin’s Mausoleum is the current resting place of Vladimir Lenin, the former leader of the Soviet Union. Lenin’s embalmed body has been on display since he passed away in 1924 and his tomb has been visited by millions. Located near Red Square in the center of Moscow, the tomb is a small granite building that features elements derived from ancient mausoleums such as the Step Pyramid in Egypt and the Tomb of Cyrus the Great in Iran. Although a bit morbid, a visit to Lenin’s Mausoleum is considered a must for visitors to Moscow.
  4. St. Basil’s Cathedral (Pokrovsky Sobor)
    Completed in 1561 after it was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks in Moscow, and perhaps in all of Russia. Officially named Intercession Church, St. Basil and its nine, colorful onion domes reside on the southern end of Red Square, marking the geometric center of Moscow.
  5. Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad)
    Red Square has been Moscow’s historic and cultural epicenter for centuries, holding everything from a medieval marketplace to Soviet military parades to rock concerts. No visit to the Russian capital is complete without a stroll through the square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's encircled by some of Moscow’s most iconic landmarks.
  6. Gorky Park
    Once a Soviet-era amusement park, Gorky Park (Park Gorkogo) has reinvented itself in recent years as one of Moscow’s most popular public green spaces. More than 300 acres (120 hectares) of parkland stretch along the Moskva River, featuring walking trails, botanical gardens, and recreational areas.


Sheremetyevo International Airport has four operating passenger terminals and one special terminal reserved for the use of private and business aviation. The airport's four passenger terminals are divided into two groups based on geographical location: the Northern Terminal Complex and the Southern Terminal Complex. The current terminal naming system was introduced in December 2009; previously, the terminals were numbered: Sheremetyevo-1 (now Terminal B), Sheremetyevo-2 (now Terminal F), and Sheremetyevo-3 (now Terminal D).


Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by us at JODOGO will include a representative who will welcome you with a name board (a bouquet of flowers on request) and help you with everything from luggage handling, lounge access, etc.

Stay Connected

Wherever you are at Sheremetyevo International Airport Terminal, there is free wireless internet access (WIFI) for everyone.