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In Riyadh, JODOGO Airport Assistance Services simplifies your airline experience at Riyadh airport by providing smooth and time saving passage throughout the airport. Our knowledgeable team strives to give you a true VIP experience 24/7 by managing all your travel details so that you can just relax and enjoy your visit.

Riyadh airport (RUH) also called King Khalid International Airport offers a lot of facilities to keep yourself busy while in transit.

JODOGO dedicated airport assistants take care of special needs such as airport meet and greet services, fast track VIP airport assistance, VIP concierge services, airport special assistance, and etc. Book online immediately to avoid last minute tension.



Riyadh airport is located 35 km north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The airport serves the city of Riyadh, the capital of the country. It is the second biggest airport in Saudi Arabia after Jeddah airport. The airport has five terminals of which only Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 are operational. An additional Royal Terminal is also there for the strict use only for the Saudi Royal family, the kingdom’s guests and the government heads. The five terminals are connected by moving walkways or Shuttle bus service.

They also provide several facilities for the Differently abled, which are fully accessible for passengers with disability or passengers with special needs. Designated parking, wheel chairs, lifts, toilets and easy access to lounge are available.

End-to-End airport special assistance services for elderly passengers, disabled, senior citizens, & family along with their children.


Riyadh airport provides ample things for you to relax at the airport.

Stay Connected

Riyadh airport provides free Wi-Fi, internet stations and several mobile charging points.

JODOGO, Meet and greet services designed to ensure travel experience is seamless & stress-free. Our airport assistance services vision is to provide unique & unforgettable airline experience through King Khalid International Airport.


The airport lounges has a number of relaxing sleeping rooms available for passengers.

Explore Riyadh

Riyadh airport does not grant transit visas to passengers. Hence unless you have a visa or a resident permit, you may not go outside the airport.

Unwind in a Lounge

Enjoy good food, watch TV and catch up on your news in a quieter and comfortable environment. There are a number of lounges available that you can enter by paying at the door. Shower facilities are also available.


There are a number of ATM’s and Currency exchange centres available throughout the airport. There are also several Prayer rooms, Mosques, Pharmacies, 24-hour medical centres, Baby care rooms and locker facilities available for your use.

Indulge Yourself

There is a wide selection of restaurants, fast food outlets and cafes offering international cuisine.


They offer an endless shopping experience offering a wide range of duty free shops showcasing international brands.


  1. Airport Special Assistance services
  2. Fast track VIP airport services
  3. Wheelchair assistance at airport
  4. Airport meet and assist
  5. Royal airport concierge
  6. Flight assistance for elderly passengers
  7. Luggage assistance at airport
  8. Airport chauffeur service
  9. VIP Airport concierge service
  10. Airport medical services, and more

Call your Riyadh airport assistance or request JODOGO air assistance before your trip. Customers can request services when booking their flight booking. To elevate your airport experience, we are here to help you throughout the airport procedures rapidly and safely. Our services are available to all kinds of travelers across the world.

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JODOGO Riyadh Airport meet and greet services providing personal greeter to accompany passengers during your airport procedures. We help travelers navigate priority check-in & check-out, baggage handling, passport and customs clearance, fast track airport services, lounge access, escort to aircraft, floral welcome bouquet, cart transport, send off, airport assistance for disabled, and more. Elevate your Riyadh international airport experience with our meet & assist services.

If a wheelchair assistance is needed at the airport, a request must be placed earlier. Persons with disabilities, elderly passengers, reduced mobility, problem in walking can seek wheelchair assistance at the Riyadh airport. Our Jodogo special assistance representative helps to carry your luggage, baggage check-in, clear security checks, and more.

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Services Offering at King Khalid International Airport:

  1. Airport Meet and greet services.
  2. Fast track vip airport assistance .
  3. Airport assistance services.
  4. VIP concierge services.
  5. Airport special assistance services.
  6. Luggage handling.
  1. Lounge access.
  2. Flight Monitoring.
  3. Airport arrival & departure.
  4. Airport Transit services.
  5. Passport control, and more.