KUALA LUMPUR Airport Assistance - Airport Meet & Greet

Selamat Datang

JODOGO redefines the experience of your airport assistance services at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport located in Malaysia. By providing an uncomplicated process for your traveling, JODOGO's caliber lies in providing you with an outstanding and luxurious VIP-like experience.

Our highest priority is you

As soon as you arrive at your destination, we handle all formalities, we take care of everything we promise. Whether it's international or domestic, JODOGO has you covered.

The main airport in Malaysia and JODOGO make for a perfect combination

At the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, various social activities are offered during your layover or transit to suit everybody's preferences.

JODOGO also offers a wide range of services according to your want and need

  1. Meet and Greet Services,
  2. Airport Lounges,
  3. Baggage Handling Services,
  4. Fast Track (Passport and Customs) Assistance Services,
  5. Priority Check-in

Services offered at the airport

The main international airport of Malaysia is located in the Sepang district of Selangor, approximately 45 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur city. This airport has served over 62 million passengers making the KUL (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)one of the top 50 busiest airports worldwide.

The airport has two main terminals; the original terminal- KLIA Main and the new terminal 2- klia2. Multi check-in services are available, designed for the use of all passengers arriving, departing, or in transit. There are facilities for Self-check-in available at this airport. KLM was the first airline to use Common-use self-service kiosks as well.

JODOGO treats your experience with hospitality:

Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by JODOGO will include a representative who welcomes our guests with a name board (a bouquet on request) and help you with all airport formalities without hassle.


Don't let business slip away

Business centers are available at the Sama-Sama Express KLIA and Airport FastTrack Lounge. Both provide high-speed internet access and all business essentials.

The Sama-Sama Express KLIA and Airport Fastrack Lounge locations are at:

  1. Common-use airport lounges and Sama-Sama Express KLIA are on the Satellite Building
  2. Airport FastTrack lounge is on Level 5 of the Main Terminal Building.

Note: Every individual will have to clear immigration and customs to access the Airport FastTrack Lounge.

Time-out at its best

The Satellite Building offers a massage center at Level 1 for those who need relaxation.

You will sleep well when satisfied

  1. With the easy check-in process- Sama-Sama Express Hotel KLIA at the Satellite Building is the perfect place to drop in for leisure/relaxation between international connecting flights.
  2. The Sama-Sama Hotel KL International Airport is a five-star hotel next to the Main Terminal Building for a longer stay option.
  3. There is a free buggy service available (from Level 2 of the Main Terminal Building.)

Note: Every individual will have to clear immigration and customs before proceeding to Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA.

Sweat It Out

Hit the gym at Sama Sama Hotel KLIA next to the Main Terminal Building. The hotel is connected to the airport through a covered bridge and is a 5-minute walk from the Main Terminal Building. You can hop on the free buggy service provided based on your convenience.


  1. In need of assistance at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, we at JODOGO are always ready to help. With the help of JODOGO's airport assist services, you can save time and explore. With the help of JODOGO, you gain a smoother experience of the activities at Kuala Lumpur Airport by not having to wait in long queues.
  2. You can request JODOGO's services over the phone or via Whatsapp if you are interested in connecting - call us directly at +1(325) 225 5550 or fill out the online form, we will call you shortly to confirm your booking.
  3. Book special assistance services at KLIA: https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create
  1. JODOGO offers special assistance for wheelchair requirements. To avail of the wheelchair assistance please make a request when you book our services at JODOGO.
  2. Book our services through the request form (https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create). Airport Wheelchair Assistance at KLIA can also be requested through the Booking Office where the booking was made.

We at JODOGO provide a variety of airport assistance services which include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services on Arrival/ Connection/ Departure flights
  2. Baggage Handling Services
  3. Special Assistance Services (Wheelchair handling)
  4. Lounge Access Assistance Services
  5. VIP Fast Track Assistance Services
  6. VIP Concierge Services
  7. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint

You can also enquire about more services offered by JODOGO at KLIA through our request form: https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create

  1. Our Meet and Greet services include a representative who will meet you at the decided meeting point within the airport terminal building or any other specified point. As assigned with a name card and a bouquet (if requested) the representative will guide you to the required gate for departures/ transfers.
  2. Note: Meeting points may vary depending on the airport specifications.
  1. Body temperature and mask importance are given at every point of entry to the terminal building by JODOGO. Social distancing markers are also in place to help guide airport guests.
  2. Anti-microbial sneeze guards at service counters and hand sanitizers are installed throughout the terminal for airport guests' safety.
  3. Various methods such as dry-mist fumigation with a water-based chemical that kills 99% of microorganisms, Blu-ray anion nanospray gun, and micro-mist blower form a thin layer of coating that protects the surfaces. These are the methods used to clean the airport terminals for airport guests' safety.
  4. The above measures are increased based on having on-ground safety compliance officers patrolling the terminals and safety messages- on digital screens to remind airport guests to continue practicing safe measures. Airport CARE Ambassadors are also available to assist passengers.


A wide range of shopping options will keep you busy while waiting for your flight. From souvenirs to designer brands such as Rolex and Michael Kors, shopping for luxury items is never a hassle at KUL. There is a variety of books, magazines, chocolates, and toys to choose from based on anyone's preferences too.

For the Plane Spotters

For whom plane spotting is a favorite, head to the viewing area located on Level 5 of the Main Terminal Building.

KL Tour

For those with more than 6 hours to spare, take a tour of Kuala Lumpur city, and catch a quick glimpse of the vibrant capital city. Left Baggage Facility is available at the terminal if you do not wish to be burdened with carrying your luggage during your visit to the capital city. There are several public transport options to help get you to the city. You can also choose to rent a car for the day.


With numerous selections of bars, cafes, and restaurants serving delicacies, you won't have to leave the airport with the widespread food amenities it provides. The airport offers a Starbucks outlet- which is one of the best places to pick up your coffee during your transit/layover period- but customers also get a view of the flight's landing. Travellers Bar and Grill is a great place for a late-night drink. MAKAN and MINUM at Tune Hotel give its customers efficient service through food and hospitality. MAKAN and MINUM is the perfect place for tired travelers to reenergize too.

Apart from these Degrees is open 24 hours with a wide variety of an amazing spread of food and they maintain good hygiene. Degrees also have buffet options available. The airport has a Texas Chicken outlet for those who want fried chicken. This outlet helps in having a decent short meal before a flight.