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Redefining Airport Assistance Services,in Shanghai Pudong, JODOGO Airport Assistance Services,aim to make your experience at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) smooth, hassle-free and memorable. Our team is expertized at giving you a unique and luxurious VIP-like experience from the moment you step into the airport until you reach the destination, and take care of all the travel formalities, be it international or domestic, while you can sit back and relax.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), locally known as Pudong Airport- is one of the two international airports in Shanghai and a major aviation hub for East Asia. Being one of the world’s 50 busiest airports in 2019 and 2020, this airport is sure to offer a lot of facilities and activities to help keep you or your family busy during layover or transit.

Book from a wide range of services we have to offer at JODOGO such as, Meet and Greet Services, Airport Lounges, Baggage Handling Services, Fast Track (Passport and Customs) Assistance Services, Priority Check-in, Airport Transfers and much more.


Discover Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, located about 30 km east of the city center, is the busiest international hub in China with about half of its total passenger traffic being international. It is the main hub for China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines, a major international hub for Air China, as well as a secondary hub for China Southern Airlines. Having served around 76 million passengers in 2019, makes Pudong Airport the third-busiest airport in China, fifth-busiest in Asia, and the eighth-busiest in the world.

Pudong Airport has two main passenger terminals - T1 and T2, connected on both sides by four operational parallel runways. Terminal 2 is primarily used by Air China and other Star Alliance members. In order to manage its passenger traffic, a third passenger terminal was opened in 2021, along with a satellite terminal and two additional runways, increasing the annual capacity from 60 million passengers to 80 million.

As part of the efforts to curb cross-border spread of COVID-19 amid increased international travel, it is mandatory for inbound passengers to provide a negative nucleic acid test result before their flights. Other safety measures such as frequent sanitization of the airport is followed strictly and it is compulsory for the passengers to use masks/ face shields, gloves at the airport and the aircraft, which can also be purchased from the pharmacy stores in the airport.

Book your airport assistance services with JODOGO now to avail a smooth, hassle and worry-free experience at Pudong Airport with our professional service.


Stay Connected

Pudong Airport offers free Wi-Fi to its passengers. One can connect to it through their mobile numbers or through your passport or Chinese ID cards. Enjoy uninterrupted, free Wi-Fi and never miss out on your favourite shows/ keep in touch with your family while you wait for your flight!


Facilities in Pudong Airport apart from the ones highlighted above include, electric vehicles for the disabled or elderly passengers, information centers, business centers, Banks and ATMs, Children’s Parks, Currency exchange centers, charging points, Luggage Storage sections, Baggage Protection centers, Valet Parking services, Pharmacies, Emergency medical services, and much more.

Passenger Meet and Greet services offered by us at JODOGO will include a representative who will welcome you with a name board (a bouquet of flowers on request) and help you with everything from luggage handling, lounge access, etc.

Relax and Replenish

Several lounges here cater to all travellers, regardless of the class of service you are lying in, you can pay and enter. Unlimited Wi-Fi, food and drinks, newspapers and magazines, and a comfortable, quieter atmosphere are just some of the perks to spending your layover at Pudong’s lounges.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

Shopping outlets are in abundance at the Pudong Airport. Passengers can shop from Duty free areas for some Chinese goods and discounts on alcohol and makeup. Apart from the convenience stores, most shops here are dedicated shopping areas for both the terminals.

Explore Shanghai

If you have a layover for more than 7 hours, exploring Shanghai is the best option to kill your boredom. One can choose from public transit options, i.e., high-speed Maglev train, metro, bus or hire a taxi, which will take upto 90 minutes one-way.

  1. Visit the Shanghai Museum:Founded in 1952, the Shanghai Museum is every culture-explorer’s paradise. It is China’s most important museum of classical Chinese art. Other highlights of the collection include ink drawings, calligraphy and seals, as well as large collections of art from ethnic minorities. It's also home to large collections of jade, coins, furnishings from the Ming and Qing periods (1368-1912), and a well-stocked gift shop.
  2. Visit the Jin Mao Tower and Skywalk: Shanghai, known for its super-tall skyscrapers, the Jin Mao Tower is a very popular tourist attraction for its thrilling Skywalk, a massive enclosed observation deck located on the 88th floor that's capable of holding upwards of 1,000 people at a time. One can also visit the large shopping center at the base of this tower.
  3. Visit the Historic Longhua Temple and Pagoda:The magnificent Longhua Temple, located in a pleasant park in Shanghai's southwest neighbourhood, is one of China's oldest religious sites. The site is still used for regular Buddhist ceremonies and consists of five large halls, including the Maitreya Hall (Mile Dian), with its large Buddha statue; the Heavenly King Hall (Tian Wang Dian), dedicated to the Four Heavenly Kings; and the Grand Hall of the Great Sage (Daxiong Baodian), with its fine statues and a 16th-century bell.
  4. Take in the exhilarating views of Shanghai from The Oriental Pearl Tower: This must-visit tower in Shanghai, located in the Pudong-Park on the east bank of the Huangpu River, offers the best views over the historic Bund promenade offering 15 viewing areas, including the Sightseeing Floor and Space City, as well as a revolving restaurant with great views.

Art at Pudong Airport

Covering more than 100 square meters at the north end of the Domestic Departure Hall of PVG T1, the art gallery of Pudong Airport opened with 22 oil paintings by Xiao Gu, dean of Shanghai Oil Painting Sculpture Institute in December, 2016. In June, the exhibits were replaced by 25 oil paintings by Yin Xiong. The Maritime Exhibition, another art display of sculptures, paper cuttings and paintings, traditional maritime folklore, life of coastal inhabitants and islanders of China was launched by PVG and China Maritime Museum at the end of 2016.

Treat your Tastebuds

With shopping centres more in number compared to eateries, Pudong Airport gives you the option to choose from: Chinese cuisine, Cafes, Fast food joints, and some popular eateries in China such as Ajisen Ramen, Chatime, Hope Kaweh, etc.


If you need assistance at the Pudong Airport, we at JODOGO are always ready to help. With our airport assist services, you can save time and explore instead of standing in queues and missing out on experiencing the activities Pudong Airport has to offer to its passengers. Enquire by contacting JODOGO directly at +1(325) 225 5550 or book the services you want through the request form, after which you will receive a confirmation call from our representatives as soon as possible.

Book special assistance services at Pudong Airport:


Wheelchair Assistance is a special assistance service offered by JODOGO. To avail this, a request has to be made when you book for our services through the request form (https://jodogoairportassist.com/request/create). You can also request Airport Wheelchair Assistance at Pudong Airport through the Booking Office from where you have done your booking/ticketing.

We at JODOGO provide a variety of airport assistance services of which include:

  1. Meet and Greet Services on Arrival/ Connection/ Departure flights
  2. Baggage Handling Services
  3. Special Assistance Services (Wheelchair handling)
  4. VIP Fast Track Assistance Services
  5. VIP Concierge Services
  6. Priority Check-in and Check-out
  7. Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint
  8. Lounge Access Assistance Services

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JODOGO fast track airport assistance service providers help travelers to enter priority lanes to skip the waiting queue during airport procedures. This scheme assists passengers to navigate the airport security process quickly, and get some time to relax before flying again.

Please note that fast track services at each airport vary depending on the specific rules of airports, airlines and countries.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the services listed are subject to change. Some services and facilities may remain closed or operate with reduced hours. Lounge access to some lounges may be restricted or remain closed until things settle down. Passengers are advised to book a hotel room within or close to the airport so that they are on-time for their next flight. Other safety precautions such as regular sanitization, usage of masks, gloves, and face shields are made mandatory for all passengers to ensure a safe and stress-free journey.