How Airport Scene Could Be Post Covid?

how airport scene could be post covid?

Life is adapting “new normal” and time has come to think about life ahead!

Digitalization and technology will be getting into new shapes to support “new normal” life. Travellers should be aware of the latest happenings as most of airports are slowly getting back to fly. We can run through various expert opinion and the future of airport movements.

Entry to the airport will be now more restricted to passengers only. This rule—already in place at airports like Los Angeles International—will make exceptions for unaccompanied minors or others who need assistance. Later there is a chance that passengers could also pass through a disinfection tunnel and thermal scanners when entering the airport. "Only those 'fit to fly' will be allowed to enter. Disinfection tunnel is something which will become more visible post COVID 19. Another familiar device will be Thermal cameras which is already in place in several facilities.

Touchless technology will become more active in airports. Face detection scanning for bag tags at designated kiosk will avoid interaction with airline staffs and passengers can go directly to self-baggage drop. Face detection at boarding gates also will be in practice. This was introduced in few airports, but privacy was the main concerns. Now health concerns will supersede privacy concerns. Check-in online has been already a well know process nowadays which may become mandatory.

Another long-term option is to make parking garages into check-in area and screening centers, according to airport design firm Gensler. “The garages that are directly connected to terminals present the ideal place to house processes such as check-in, security screening, and crowd control, providing new distance controls and passenger flow metering, while also freeing the existing terminal to house more passenger amenities in a less densified arrangement,” writes Ty Osbaugh, a principal aviation architect at Gensler.

Security screening with prior appointments can be an interesting development which will avoid long queue. In addition, passengers can also see designated foot traffic marks in corridors, security gate, lounges, boarding etc.

Sooner, travellers can see express test kiosk to have quick screening in addition to the airport health screening. This can become more popular like Express Spas.

Off course, there will be more cleaning measure visible at airport. Sanitizing the seats all over will be a normal practice. More sanitizing station and less drinking water fountain will be in practice to ensure travellers safety comforts.

Upon arrival, immunity passport will be something new in post COVID world. There can a rule of showing some proof of vaccine to enter in various countries. Additional thermal screening can also be seen on arrivals.

Airport assistance will be more challenging as health & safety will take an upper hand with comfort & speed. JODOGO is closely watching the developments and will communicate to the customers more on the above “new normal” technology developments.

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