Traveling To India – Here We Go – A Brief On Rt-pcr Tests For International Passengers

traveling to india – here we go – a brief on rt-pcr tests for international passengers

If you want to skip institutional quarantine, please follow the test procedures at airport as listed below. You can always book airport assistance services with JODOGO to make your life easy at airports.

New Rules on RT-PCR

  1. Arriving international passengers will have an option of getting an RT-PCR/ TrueNat CBNAAT (including GeneXpert) testing done at the entry airport, wherever available.
  2. If the test result is negative, i.e. if they are COVID-free, the passenger can take an onward domestic connection without needing to be quarantined at the city of entry airport. Those who are exiting the airport will be exempt from the institutional quarantine and can go into home quarantine as per local regulations

How is the testing process?

  1. Airports have been asked to set up a Sample Collection cum Waiting Lounge, in strict compliance with the protocols established by ICMR and NABL. Airports have been asked to provide passengers with the option to book the test online.
  2. Once passengers arrive at the airport, they are to be guided to these dedicated lounges.
  3. Their passports will be retained by the state authority at the facility till the test results are available
  4. At Mumbai and Delhi airport, where this facility is already available, the wait time for results is about 4-6 hours.
  5. If the result is negative, flyers with a connecting flight to domestic destinations in India will be stamped “RT-PCR negative and state quarantine till (date)” on the hand. They can then take their passport and proceed to Departures.
  6. For other passengers, if the result is negative, the passenger will be stamped ‘RT-PCR negative and State Quarantine till (date)”, handed over the passport and allowed to leave.
  7. If the result is positive, the passenger will be processed in line with applicable local regulations.

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