Enjoy Every Minute Of Your Time On A Layover At Singapore Changi Airport

enjoy every minute of your time on a layover at singapore changi airport

A lot of us handle an hours-long layover with a bit of disdain, but at Singapore Changi Airport, travellers actually want to spend as much time as possible! Regularly voted the best airport in the world, Singapore Changi Airport is huge and modern. Each terminal is fitted with top-notch standard airport amenities plus a lot of unique activities and sculptures. Featuring 350 retail stores of lavish apparel brands to cosmetics, Singapore street food court, luxury Aerotels, Snooze lounges, Swimming pool, The Rain vortex, breath-taking gardens, amazing Kinetic Rain Sculpture, giant Slide, social tree, interactive art, movie theaters, entertainment deck, Spa, free Skin testing, makeovers, foot massage and an unforgettable free tour to the Lion city.





Rain Vortex 1:- The world’s tallest waterfall and the centerpiece of the Jewel located at Terminal 1.


The Enchanted Garden: - Get spellbound by the motion sensors and soothing sounds along with the range of flowers that makes the experience even more beautiful. And gigantic 4 bouquets of flowers are breath-taking.


Kinetic sculpture: - Get amazed with the world’s largest moving kinetic sculpture which is installed on Terminal 1.


The Giant Slide: -Ride one of the longest and highest slides of the world from where you can whizz down to the floor which is located at Terminal 3.


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