Omicron Alert: New Rules For Airport Travel Kicks In India

omicron alert: new rules for airport travel kicks in india

Omicron was first reported on Nov. 24 from South Africa, where infections have risen steeply.

This is a list of restrictions for arriving aviation passengers from nations deemed to be in danger, as well as those judged to be not at risk.

Certain restrictions must be followed by travellers coming to India from countries where the “Omicron” strain of coronavirus has been found. As the COVID-19 epidemic rages on, India has taken the unusual step of announcing this.

There is a lot of Omicron-related information out there on overseas arrivals in India.

A negative RT-PCR test report is required for all overseas passengers entering India. If one of these two standards are not met, they will not be allowed to enter India.

After arriving in India, those from “at-risk” countries like South Africa must submit samples for RT-PCR testing. Quarantine anybody who is confirmed to be infected and the sample will be submitted for genome sequencing, which examines an organism’s genetic make-up. There are harsher quarantine regulations for those who have contracted the “Omicron” form of the virus.

A quarantine period of seven days is required for those from “at-risk” countries who test negative. On Day 8, they will be put to the test again.

For those who arrive from countries regarded to be at low risk, random RT-PCR testing will be performed on them. However, if a person is determined to be infected, their DNA will be sequenced and they will be placed in quarantine.

Those arriving from nations that aren’t deemed high-risk and whose tests came back negative should keep a close eye on themselves for at least two weeks.

Overall, there were "considerable uncertainties in the magnitude of immune escape potential of Omicron", and more data was expected in coming weeks.

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