Security Details

security details

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How to plan a weekend trip to New York?

After check-in and before entering the departure area, all passengers are subject to a security check.


Arrival time

For domestic flights, most airlines ask customers to arrive at check-in desks two hours prior to takeoff, and for international flights, three hours prior to takeoff. For updates, kindly check with your airline

Restrictions on Handbags

Liquids, aerosols, and gels are limited to 100 ml each. The use of metallic objects with sharp edges, replica weapons, and items that could interfere with civil aviation operations is prohibited. The authorities have the right to seize such objects. Click here to download the list of prohibited items for carry-on luggage.


Check-In Method

Bring your e-ticket with you, or use the self-check-in kiosks by the departure gates to acquire your boarding card. Make sure you have a current government-issued photo ID on hand for security purposes. Go to the check-in desks to get your boarding card and drop off your bags. If appropriate, use self-bag drop by clicking here. The CISF will stamp your boarding card as proof of passing through security.


Security at Airports

You have a crucial part to play in thwarting any threat that might be present at the airport, as a traveller. You must notify the CISF Control Room and Terminal Manager of any unclaimed or unidentified baggage, suspicious individuals or activities, or both. Airport authorities have the authority to restrain and discipline disruptive passengers who fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Drunkenness or drug use that results in irrational behaviour
  2. Refusing to adhere to safety regulations and standards
  1. Threats or altercations with an airport official, either verbally or physically
  2. sexual misconduct or abuse
  3. any additional unruly behaviour

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