Airport Meet & Greet Services In India

airport meet & greet services in india

India airport meet and greet services

Do you know how famous people go through airport security quickly and board their flight? Airport meet & greet services are used by them. If you're willing to pay for it, you can use the service practically anywhere there is an airport.

The following details pertain to airport meet & greet services provided in India as a Jodogo connected benefit. Let's start with the experience of leaving,

VIP Entrance

VIP Entrance

When you get to the airport, you'll see someone holding a sign with your name on it. At the VIP gate, the executive will meet you and quickly transport you to the landside.

From airport to airport, this VIP gate is different. For instance, "Gate 1" is used as a VIP gate at Mumbai T2.

Typically, the executive is accompanied by his assistant, who will serve as your porter and look after your bags. So you may enter the airport with holding nothing in your hands, exactly like your favourite star.

Transport by buggy

Transport by buggy

If the airport is large, you can also anticipate using a buggy to get you and your luggage from the VIP gate to the priority check-in desk. You will be accompanied by the executive and the porter.

You can use this buggy service to get from the aerobridge to the baggage claim area when you arrive.

Earlier Check-In

Earlier Check-In

To receive priority check-in, you are no longer need to fly business class, have gold status, or purchase the 6E Prime add-on.

The executive will take you directly to the priority check-in counter, which with most airlines is essentially the business class counter (or) the Fast Forward station in the case of Indigo.

Rapid-fire security

Rapid-fire security

There is a distinct lane for business class passengers in several metro airports, such as Mumbai and Delhi. In most cases, you will be led down that path; otherwise, you will be directed via the staff entry line. The airport employees, pilots, and airline staff all use this line.

Be aware that most of this line will be free. However, you must make room for the crew if you spot them.

You may typically save 10–20 minutes by doing this and avoid having to stand in line while holding your laptop tray.

On this same route, I typically see one or two people ahead of me, but lately, as I was about to pass, five pilots rushed in back-to-back. I ultimately gave way to them, which cost me about five minutes, but it's okay because I believe we should show them respect.

Once you have cleared security, the executive will take you to the lounge (access not included with this service) or anywhere you wish to go. However, before leaving, the executive will contact you to remind you to board your aircraft on time.



Although you can use the meet & greet service at arrivals, it is typically used at departure level because that is where it takes a little bit of time. As we've seen before, this package also includes an executive, a buggy, and a porter.

Although I initially doubted the value of the arrivals service, I gave it a shot to see how it performed, and I was pleasantly delighted by the outcome.

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