Why Airport Assistance?

why airport assistance?

 Why is airport assistance important?

Why is airport assistance important? What is it?

We are aware of how stressful it may be, particularly when flights are delayed. With our Airport Support service, which includes airside assistance in addition to the customary checking and meet and greet service, we can provide you peace of mind.

If your child is not travelling alone, Airport Assistance is the best option because they can be taken airside through the airport.

Direct communication with airlines and drivers is handled by our seasoned Airport Assistance chaperones. If the best-laid plans fail, they are very necessary for support. You can book the service for departure, transfer, and arrival flights. If that's all you need, we can assist you landside with check-in and meet and greet.

Airport Assistance is very well-liked by parents who want to make sure their child's airport experience is secure, easygoing, and stress-free.

What is included with airport assistance

What is included with airport assistance?

Both on the ground and in the air, Airport Assistance can support your child during their airport journey. The portions of the airport that the general public can access even if they are not flying are referred to as landside.

The term "airside" describes the portions of the airport that are exclusively accessible to travellers flying there. Our Airport Assistance crew is airside security cleared to the highest level, enabling them to assist travellers as they go through the airport.

arrival and departure


Arriving at the proper boarding gate in good time after check-in (landside), passing through security checks (airside), and navigating the airport (airside)


We may meet your child at the plane's door, assist them with getting through passport control, luggage claim, security, transfer them to other planes and terminals (airside)


During a flight:

  1. addressing any unforeseen problems that may occur (delayed and cancelled flights)
  2. following your child as they wait for their flight is known as companionship (airside)
  3. informing everyone by getting in touch with our guardianship team, parents, drivers, and schools.

Let us assist you in making sure your kid is protected and cared for no matter what occurs at the airport. Select the level of assistance you require and confirm it with our guardianship team so we can quickly confirm availability.

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