Top 5 Benefits Of The Uk Fast Track Visa Program

top 5 benefits of the uk fast track visa program

A long-awaited visa process for skilled employees and international students from India and other countries has been launched by the UK government.

For STEM specialists, the UK's new visa policy has opened doors. The formal application for visas will begin in February 2020.


The top 5 benefits of the UK Fast Track Visa Program are shown below (2022)

  1. The visa application process is anticipated to be point-based.
  2. The currently needed offer letter is not required.
  3. Upon successful application, the fast track visa (UK) programme will be issued for 3 years. After three years, this visa may be renewed indefinitely.
  4. The dependant may accompany the primary applicant in this family visa scheme. The dependent may work full-time as well.
  5. There isn't a "minimum salary" criterion (as required in other visa programs).

How simple is it to obtain a UK fast track visa?

The good news for applicants is that this visa is based on points (like the immigration residence permit for Canada and Australia), so you may find out if you qualify before you apply.

These are the results of your
  1. age, education, and work history
  2. linguistic ability
  3. Request Letter (optional)
  4. Prior earnings
  5. UK work history UK education

According to the Tier 1 application process, you might need to have your cash available for 90 days before applying. Therefore, if you're interested, you can think about setting up money now so that you can apply by the end of 2020.

The length of the UK fast speed visa process.

The processing times with the earlier (2010) point-based visa application for the UK were one of its benefits. The UK Border Agency granted visas in as little as 7 working days and for as long as 3 months.

  1. The release date for a new visa has not yet been disclosed.
  2. The cost of a UK visa.
  3. UK Visas and Immigration has not yet made the visa fee public.
  4. What paperwork is necessary for a UK visa (quick track)?
  5. All visa applicants must provide evidence of the points they are claiming.

Some of the documents are included below.

  1. A copy of your passport is needed to verify your nationality.
  2. Education: Your Bachelor's, Master's, and other degree certificates
  3. The offer letter, pay stub, experience letter (in a standard format), promotion letter (if any), bank statement, etc. are examples of employment-related documents.
  4. Travel History (if any): Copies of all passport pages as well as any visiting or travel visas from the past.
  5. Fund upkeep: You must demonstrate a fund that has been kept up for the past three months.

Does it matter if you received your education in the UK?

In the previous HSMP visa programme, earning a degree from a UK university would have earned you extra points. The new point system hasn't yet been made public, though.

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