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Las Américas International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas, or AILA) is an international airport located in Punta Caucedo, near Santo Domingo and Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic. The airport is run by Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (AERODOM), a private corporation based in the Dominican Republic, under a 25-year concession to build, operate, and transfer (BOT) six of the country's airports. Las Américas usually receives a wide variety of long-, mid-, and short-haul aircraft. Santo Domingo's other airport, La Isabela, is much smaller and used by light aircraft only.

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Jodogo simplifies your Las américas international airport experience by offering meet and greet services, access to a lounge, and a luxurious limousine for added comfort for your airport transfer. Below listed are the inclusions covered in the service offerings

Meet and Greet at Arrival Gate

Meet and Greet post immigration

Wheelchair Assistance

Porter service

Assistance at check in

Fast Track through immigration

Priority boarding

Assistance with baggage handling

Expedited Service Through Security

Assistance for terminal transfer

Escort until car pickup

Liaise with Driver

Escort to lounge

Escort until departure gate

Buggy Transfer

Expedited service through Immigration

Meet and Greet at curbside at car drop off

 History Las Américas International Airport

History Las Américas International Airport

Las Américas Airport opened in 1959 as the official airport of Ciudad Trujillo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, with the city subsequently changing its name to Santo Domingo.

The official name of the airport was changed in 2002 to "Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas- José Francisco Peña Gómez (AIJFPG)" but is known as "Las Américas International Airport", or locally, "Las Américas Airport, AILA or "El Aeropuerto".

In 1954, U.S. based Delta Air Lines (which was known as "Delta C&S" at the time following its acquisition and merger with Chicago and Southern Air Lines) was serving the Dominican Republic on a daily basis via the then-named General Andrews Airport in Ciudad Trujillo with nonstop flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Port au Prince, Haiti operated with Convair 340 twin prop aircraft.The eastbound Delta flights operated a daily routing of Houston - New Orleans - Havana, Cuba - Port au Prince - Ciudad Trujillo - San Juan and the westbound Delta flights operated a daily routing of San Juan - Ciudad Trujillo - Port au Prince - Havana - New Orleans. Also during the mid-1950s, U.S. based Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) was serving Ciudad Trujillo with nonstop flights to New York City, Miami and Port au Prince operated with Douglas DC-6 four engine propliners (which the airline called the "Super-6 Clipper"). In 1960, locally-based Dominicana de Aviacion, the former flag carrier of the Dominican Republic, was operating scheduled international passenger service nonstop between the airport and Miami with Douglas DC-4 four engine propliners and also nonstop between the airport and San Juan, Puerto Rico with Douglas DC-3 and Curtiss C-46 twin prop aircraft.

Runway Las Américas International Airport

Runway Las Américas International Airport

Las Américas Airport's runway direction is north–south (designated 17–35). This runway is the largest in the country, and one of the largest in the Caribbean. With a length of 3,355 m, it is able to support a Boeing 747. The runway of SDQ was last renovated in June 2008. The old taxi-way was also renovated and converted into a full runway while the old runway was being renovated, then it was converted back into a taxiway after the normal runway was finished. The runway accommodated the Antonov An-225 to supply goods after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Concourses Las Américas International Airport

Las Américas has five gates on the main satellite concourse (A), A2 through A6. Other gate facilities are for the flights departing from a parking in the taxiway. back in the 1960s and 70s the airport used to be much smaller, The original building was half the size of today's newest structure but with a still modern look.

Concourse B has four gates (B1 through B4) and remote stand (P8). Terminal B now features a co-branded Copa Club operated jointly by United Airlines and Copa Airlines, and a Private Lounge exclusive to members and business people.

The average number of daily flights in and out of Las Américas ranges between 68 and 84. JetBlue is the largest airline operating at Las Américas.

Transportation Las Américas International Airport

Transportation Las Américas International Airport

Taxi: Travelling by taxi can be a bit more expensive, but it is also a good transportation option. The average price for a ride from the airport to the city centre is around 40 dollars.

Public bus (Guagua): On the upper level of the airport you’ll find buses departing constantly to the Parque Enriquillo (in the city center) and to Boca Chica.

Airport shuttle: At the airport you’ll find many shuttle private companies operating from the airport to the city centre.

Shared Van: Some shared van companies get from SDQ Airport to the city centre but also to other destinations.

Car Rental: Car rental counters are located near Terminal B, in the Exit Doors after Customs. To rent a car is always a good option to discover the country.

Las Américas International Airport

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FAQs for Airport Assistance

Booking your Las Américas airport assistance with JODOGO is convenient and effortless. Here's how:

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Our Meet and Greet service guarantees a smooth and stress-free airport experience in Scarlett Martínez. A dedicated representative will greet you personally upon arrival or departure, assist with luggage handling, expedite your airport procedures, and escort you to your transportation or gate.

Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and assist you. Reach us by phone or WhatsApp at +1 (325) 225 5550

Yes, we offer wheelchair assistance at Las Américas International Airport. Simply indicate your requirement when booking online, and we will ensure a wheelchair and trained personnel are available throughout your airport journey

The cost of our airport assistance services in Las Américasdepends on the chosen services, number of passengers, and your arrival/departure time. We offer competitive rates and transparent pricing. Visit our website or contact our customer support team for detailed pricing information.

Our fast track airport assistance service allows you to bypass regular queues and expedite your airport experience. This includes priority check-in, security clearance, and passport control.

Yes, we offer VIP concierge services at Las Américas International Airport to provide a luxurious and personalized experience. Enjoy dedicated assistance with everything from luggage handling and expedited procedures to luxury transportation and personalized airport lounge access.

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