Interesting Facts About Passports That Everyone Should Know

interesting facts about passports that everyone should know

One of the most significant legal documents in the world is a passport. Here are some fascinating passport-related facts that everyone should be aware of.

One function of a passport is to demonstrate to other countries that you are a legitimate citizen of your country of origin. If flying, a person must repeatedly show their passport at the airport, and if driving, they must do so at the border.

One item a person needs in order to go to another country is a passport. The most crucial paperwork for entering any nation is this one. A person cannot travel from one nation to another without a passport. A passport is a formal document that contains information about a person's citizenship. You couldn't enter any country without the document.


A new passport will be needed if you get a face tattoo:

You will require a new passport if you have undergone facial surgery or a tattoo on your face. If a person had a bare face when applying for a passport, they will need to complete this process.

Uniforms cannot be photographed for passport photos:

Hats, caps, and sunglasses are not permitted, nor are uniforms. Your face cannot be hidden by your hair.

Only workers at the company are permitted to snap pictures of themselves dressed in the uniform.


You can apply for a global passport:

World Service Authority, a nonprofit organisation based in Washington, DC, that supports global citizenship, issues world passports, which are accessible to the public.

Several nations around the world, including Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Mauritania, Tanzania, Togo, and Zambia, have recognised these as valid travel documents.

The majority of passport covers around the world are red:

The only colours available for passports from several nations are blue, green, or black; nonetheless, the majority of nations' passport covers are red.


The use of passports dates back to the 13th century:

The use of passports dates back to the thirteenth century. In order to make it simpler for him to verify his identity and nationality when visiting other countries, King Henry V introduced this idea

Queen Elizabeth II lacks a passport.

Only Queen Elizabeth II is exempt from the requirement for a passport to go abroad. They do, however, have a few of their own legal records that are compared to passports.

The strongest passport is that of the UAE:

A UAE passport holder can visit 179 nations without a visa, according to the Passport Index 2020.

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